Many of the current advertising claims made for the various manufactured products, rely on taking a piece of scientific enquiry and establishing it as the CAUSE for action in the body. However, it is the wisdom of a healthy functioning body, which is the final arbiter determining the use and value of probiotics and any other bacterial entourage that we introduce in our food supply via the mouth and alimentary canal. We need to look deeply at what is acting, and who the actor is.

Of course there is an interchange of activity with bacterial relationships, which is the area of intense study presently. However the study does not constitute a methodology for healthy living, nor guarantee the safety and security and protection and continuing self-functioning of the organism. The science is about discovering how this happens.

The organism itself, with its own inherent wisdom and functioning requirements is in control of what it needs, and has a Blueprint or Master plan, for how to go about doing that.

This blueprint can be interfered with deliberately by direct injection or meddling with the introduction of substances that have various properties associated with them, that the bodies defence mechanisms treat in a certain fashion.

However, to suggest that we know better in our minds, than the body itself, is adopting a position of authority without responsibility. If this attempt to alter the course of nature, to establish a ‘health benefit’ or re-establish a prior healthy status, for it to be successful, then full recognition of the workings of the organism also need to be established. This is the goal of many scientists and others, and is a laudable and rewarding path for those involved. The application of this gained knowledge has always required a trial and error approach to determine the validity of human outcomes.

Unfortunately, the advertising of products does not fall into this category. The ‘inherently healthy’ aspects of individual food items and plant sources are a means of POINTING to aspects that we know are relevant, the use and application of any number of said products is still to be put to the test. In the practice of nutrition, this usually takes the form of measurement of an excess or deficiency.

The bioavailability, of various constituents whether they be minerals, or vitamins or bacteria, or any other name we wish to give to the elements which make up the diet of each of us, is always subject to the method of delivery. While that delivery means remains one of EATING FOODS, then properly constituted foods is the greatest assistance to the organism. The specificity of selecting a few named bacteria, calling them pro-biotic, and taking large quantities of same, to produce an effect which the mind would like to see, is fraught with many stages of disappointment, mainly because the MIND is not in control of the effects of said substance introduction. The mind introduces them to the body, to see what the body will do to them. This is the basic methodology that science uses to carry on its scientific investigation.

Thus it is evident, that no matter what our intention maybe with respect to thinking that probiotics have some value, it is the WISDOM OF THE BODY ITSELF, which determines if there will be a response, and in what direction and intensity that response will take.

This process is evident and quite obvious when we consider the introduction of anything to the body, but not always in our daily awareness, as we go about choosing what to eat next, or what course of healing we should endure, when we feel the need to be ‘better or healthier’ or wish to change and experiment with our health status, we would do well to keep this knowledge in a readily accessible part of the mind, lets see how the mind responds to itself and not the body, by taking some of its own medicine.

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