Vegaculture keeps changing its spots!  Visioned as a vegan alternative way of permaculture, it has grown to be synonymous with changing patterns of thinking and community values, as a central social and cultural pattern, as a popular lifestyle choice, as a serious player in the evolution towards sustainable solutions and community harmony in the 21st century. 

Vegaculture roots are in the vegetarian and vegan movements, themselves forever active in everyday decision making, and recorded in the history books of many countries, particularly in Asia. as traditional social movements seeking a considerate and ethical framework for all creatures.  Sometimes construed or thought of as a fringe activity, a convoluted dietary, an ethical/moral value set, based on animal compassion and righteousness, it is now obvious the truth of ones convictions needs to be, and can readily be lived in daily life, without fear and prejudice. 

The wheel of globalisation has advanced our cultural presence, and extended our social networks, as a consequence, our true reality is reborn into an era of self identity and valued personal freedom. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “My life is my message.”

Vegetarian(ism) and Vegan(ism) are converging into Vegaculture.   With the explosion and dissemination of media content and pathways, the evidence for a diet and a personal ethic of least harm, the seeds of change which were planted millenia ago, are now flowering.  Vegaculture in its infancy is blossoming to become a fast growing social and cultural phenomena, a path for clarity in a jungle of confusion; one where meaningful service offers a myriad of opportunities for growth of the individual, with a strong foundation in ethical and moral values, consistent with the need to balance and protect the projected outcomes of popular decision making and political influence, within a Whole World context where all life has an inherent value, not only in the restricted economics of present value judgements, but as companion lives to our own, as critical beings and entities in the web of life we share, observe, and inherit as generations proceed.

A cartoon on the wall of Windsor railway station, viewed daily on my train journey to Melbourne, remained for many years before the graffiti engulfed.  The thought bubble read “I am thinking for myself”

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