‘Sacred Activism’ is a term being used to describe the preponderance of spiritual teaching that seems to be arising presently.  Perhaps the increasing interest in yoga and meditation, which has now become common in the West, has softened the public attitudes enough, to accept what may previously have been considered as a taboo, that is the discussion of personal faith in an everyday context.  This common ground has underpinned daily life in many Eastern cultures, but the energy has been unleashed now in the West, and there is evidence of a strong empathy and response to the forthright acceptance of sacred views being aired, and even applauded.

Convergence of the ‘sacred’ and ‘activist’ paths is no surprise really, but it is heartening to see and read and discuss spiritual matters in daily life  As a means of conversation, the introduction of the sacred into the context of ordinary conversation opens many doors to connectedness.  This freedom to allude to our deepest selves, and the Oneness that resides there, is a bonus for those of us who have had difficulty finding an outlet for the numerous questions and experiences we each hold.

Sacred aspects add credence to any discussion, and as Truth is the highest arbiter, the value we gather from full involvement brings an essential element into play.  The sacred invokes a sense of truly caring, and in the case of animal activism, this expression of kindness and compassion, is harmonious with the recognition of our commonality with all of life, which brings greater joy and happiness to any situation.

Our caring relationship to nature and the earth, to sustainable solutions for social problems, and to the reinforcement of our shared unity in an expanding global culture, all suggest the convergence of esoteric teachings with pragmatic application of personal faith as suggested by acts of sacred activism.  A key to good fortune and success in our society.

Enjoy, In Peace, Zalan

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