Sramana Retreat

Sramana Retreat provides a balanced daily program included morning yoga, an early evening sitting meditation, access to raw food meal preparations, plus a gourmet brunch and dinner. Our venue offers a range of rooms and services for individuals, travellers, families and groups, and plenty of free time to pursue your own interests.

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Our Daily Program provides a basis for regular interaction on site, and from July2022 Sramana patrons can also access the Fairyland House Classes and Workshops including Pilates, Breathwork and Meditation.

7:30am: Yoga and Meditation
Gently wake up your body with Yoga and Meditation in the morning. 11:00am: Breakfast
Enjoy a delicious breakfast with Fresh Tropical Fruits and Smoothies.
During the night and morning we drink only water to allow our bodies and minds to cleanse more deeply. 4:30 Р5:30pm: Meditation 
Late afternoon ‘sitting’ held in studio or outside in the garden. Practice your own meditation practice or join together in self-inquiry. 6:00pm: Dinner
In the evening we collect our salad from the garden showing you which leaves are edible and creating the most simple yet delicious dressings for our dinner buffet. After many years of eating raw vegan we are happy to share with you how easy and fulfilling it is to live this lifestyle here in the tropics. 7:00pm: Evening Relaxation
You can join us in conversation or evening jam sessions before we retire for the evening. We have a piano, conga drums, guitar and several other string instruments available. 10:00pm: Lights out
We are in tune with natural rhythms. The hours between 10 pm and 2 am are considered the most essential for sleep. If we allow our bodies and minds to rest completely during this time, the body will heal, repair and revitalize deeply.

* Extra activities can be arranged. These include: guided jungle walks in the morning or afternoon, practitioner treatments and pick-ups from the airport. Let us know if you would like any of these organised for you during your stay.




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