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Most of the presentation is an outline of daily practice that was undertaken by the Essenes.  The major source was a Szekely text (Ref.1), extracted about twenty years ago, however, I do not have a proper reference for the extract.  Reference 2 below was used  only for a short passage of the Peace Contemplations from this different source; and is the contents translated from the Dead Sea Scrolls.   Szekely was a skilled translator, and perhaps had a variety of source information to draw from.  In any case, the wholistic presentation is what interests me, and the simple nature of the actual daily ritual of reminding one’s personage of the sacred.  Note also the five element aspects here in the sun, earth, water, air (metal) and wood, are oriental in relationship, rather than strictly four element theory. 

Prologue to the Communions.

The Essene solemnly and reverently repeated-

‘I enter the Eternal and Infinite Garden with reverence to the Heavenly Father, the Earthly Mother, and the Great masters, reverence to the holy, pure, and saving Teaching, reverence to the Brotherhood of the Elect’.

He then thought reverently about the angel or force with which was about to commune, contemplating its’ meaning and purpose in his own life and body, as taught in the first part of the Communion.  Following the pledge, he then spoke the actual words of the Communion.

1. Daily Practice

The Essene practised morning and evening communion, and Noon contemplations.  A summary is given below.

Morning Communions are with the Forces of the Visible Realms.  

Correspondence: Wednesday – Sun, Thursday – Water, Friday – Air, Saturday – Earthly Mother, Sunday – Earth, Monday – Life, Tuesday – Joy.

Noon is time for Peace Contemplations, dedicated each day to one of the seven aspects of peace, addressed to the Heavenly father, requesting him to send the Angel of Peace to all, and then to send a certain one of the angels to strengthen each aspect of the Sevenfold Peace, (Ref 2).   Correspondence: 

Spiritual: Saturday – Kingdom of Heavenly Father, Sunday –  Kingdom of Earthly Mother, Monday – Culture, Tuesday – Humanity (Social peace). 

Emotional: Wednesday – Family (feeling body)

Mental: Thursday – Mind (Thinking body)

Physical: Friday – Body (Acting body)

Evening Communions are with the Powers of the Invisible Realms. Correspondence:

Tuesday – Power, Wednesday – Love, Thursday – Wisdom, Friday – Heavenly father, Saturday – Eternal Life, Sunday – Creative Work, Monday – Peace.

Note: Forces is the term used for earthly daytime relationship.  Powers is the term for evening relationship to the cosmic or’ heavenly’ powers.

2. The Actual Morning Communions

To commune with the Earthly Mother on Saturday mornings, he says,

‘The Earthly Mother and I are One.  She gives the food of life to my whole body’. He then contemplates edible fruit, grains or plants and feels the currents of the Earthly Mother flowing in him and intensifying and directing the metabolism of his body.

On Sunday morning he communes with the Angel of Earth, saying,

‘Angel Of Earth enter my generative organs and regenerate my whole body’.  As he says this he contemplates the  life generating soil and the growing grass, feeling the currents of the Angel of Earth transforming his sexual energy into regenerative forces.

On Monday morning he communes with the Angel of Life in the following words,

‘Angel of Life, enter my limbs and give life to my whole body’.  He now contemplates trees as he feels himself absorbing vital forces from trees and forests.

The words of the Tuesday morning communion with the Angel of Joy are,

‘Angel of Joy descend upon the earth and give joy to all beings’.  He then feels himself absorbing vibrations of joy from the beauties of nature as he contemplates the colours of the sunrise and sunset, the song of the bird, or the aroma of a flower.

The Wednesday morning communion with the Angel of the Sun uses the words,

‘Angel of Sun, enter my solar centred give the fire of life to my whole body’.  as these words are spoken he contemplates the rising of the sunned feels and directs the accumulated solar forces radiating through his solar centre, located at the solar plexus, sending them to all parts of his body.

The Thursday morning communion with the Angel of Water is made by saying,

‘Angel of water, enter my blood and give the water of life to my whole body’.  As he says this he contemplates the waters of the earth, in rain river, lake sea,  or anywhere, and the currents of the Angel of Water are felt intensifying and directing the circulation of the blood.

At the communion of Friday morning with the Angel of Air, the Essene ays,

‘Angel of Air, enter my lungs and giveth air of life to my whole body’.  The one communing contemplates the atmosphere as he says this and breathes rhythmically.

Reference: 1. Mostly taken from my own  Transcripts I took from an ‘unrecorded’ source of writing by E. B. Szekely; also a few transcripts from his major work below.

2. The Teachings of the Essenes from Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. Published by The C.W.Daniel Company Ltd. available from The International Biogenic Society. British Columbia, Canada.

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