Watching Batgap interviews and gradually finding more gems:

Recently, Richard Moss, suggests starting with:  READY, RELAXED,  FOCUSED AND SPATIAL

The definition of Awakening is the birth of witness consciousness.  Take 5 focused breathes, and imagine Silence is enabled.


Hameed Ali gave an insight about enquiry, when he mentioned that Ramana Maharshi suggested to enquire into WHO AM I? ( suggestive of a mental enquiry), where as with the Diamond method, he is approaching through a “Feeling Enquiry”

This is compatible with INSIGHT enquiry with Christopher Titmus; BE COMPLETELY? AWARE OF THE IMMEDIATE FELT EXPERIENCE

And if one takes the Krishnamurti comments: THE MEDITATOR IS THE MEDITATION, combined with asking  ‘WHAT IS’, then perhaps here we see the synthesis of the above approaches.
Each in their own way, as simple slogans, they can be said to be all inclusive, however as a short form teaching, just not as obvious to a beginner perhaps.

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